Who We Are

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (PROVERBS 22:6)

When you start-up a child in the right direction and empower him/her to do what is right from an early age, it is very unlikely that he/she will be influenced by external factors.

We are always complaining of a rotten society, crimes, corruption, drug abuse, school drop-outs and the list is endless. Time has come for us to put actions in to our words. Let us teach our young ones values that will be inherited from generation to generation. Welcome to In Talk In Action where We Engage, Nurture and Empower.

In Talk In Action is an organization that has the interest of teenagers and youth at heart .We are focused on behavioral change, modification and empowering youth and teenagers through trainings, talks, coaching and mentoring.

All our trainings and mentoring processes are based on the Christian approach.


To be the most trusted and the most rewarding youth mentorship program globally.

To create and equip a new generation of leaders who have a high sense of integrity and moral values.


In Talk In Action seeks to change the mindset of our youth/teenagers by reaching out, challenging and empowering as many youth as possible through mentorship, coaching, school talks and life- skills training.

We believe in empowering the young minds so that they too can believe in themselves and achieve their dreams.


  1. Mentors/Encouragers-they are trusted and experienced advisors who are willing and ready to support the growth and development of mentees. They are ‘Cheerleaders’ they spot a unique talent and motivate the Mentee to pursue the talent. They also help change attitude in difficult situations.
  2. Motivational Speakers-they have the ability to create speeches intended to inspire, challenge and transform the youth and teenagers.
  3. Trainers-Skilled and experienced in various topics that affect our teenagers i.e. Drugs and Substance Abuse.